Media Temple Out Performs Dreamhost and GoDaddy

Social media has come a long way since its beginning. The same is true for website owners who used to aim for the top spot in Altavista. This seems to date us somewhat, but you must consider that things have improved drastically especially since social networks were basically newsgroups early on.

The average user has likely used several web hosts over the past few years, such as Go Daddy, Dreamhost and Media Temple. As a personal favorite for several years now, Media Temple provides several advantages that GoDaddy and Dreamhost do not. Although I fared well with Dreamhost for some time, once my site began to receive more visitors, it ran very slow. Upgrading to their Virtual Private Server in an effort to alleviate this problem did not work. My site began to crash and would frequently be offline during the times of the highest traffic, resulting in a loss of AdSense revenue. The only other solution that Dreamhost could offer was to increase the server memory, which cost plenty – more than $350 per month.

My next hosting company was GoDaddy, but their shared hosting is not conducive to a large website and you spend more time doing administrator duties rather than producing content, which is what I would rather do. This led to Media Temple. Over the years that I have been using their service, I have only had to contact them a few times. This included questions that I had and overall, I would say Media Temple performs far better than previous web hosts.

This is not to say that problems are not experienced, but they are fewer and farther between and they are resolved more rapidly. The main complaint I have is related to domains that are purchased through Media Temple. They are not as easy to manage as others. I have asked that they look into this.

Why do I recommend Media Temple as the best web hosting company? For one, downtime experienced is negligible. My site has only been down about a minute and a half in the last two months.

Media Temple has a terrific support team. They can be reached 24/7 and hold time is not long – only about 2 minutes at the most – and I recommend calling them rather than sending an email. There is a longer wait for an email response.

What else does Media Temple offer? My sites have had almost a million page views a month and they are only using about half of the agreed upon server usage. This is beneficial for the sites to grow without the need to upgrade constantly. In addition, my package is the standard, not their costly dedicated server, and this package far exceeds the standard packages of Dreamhost and GoDaddy.

Another benefit of Media Temple is their content distribution service (CDN). Copies of your site are stored throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. A CDN sends visitors the copy that is nearest to them, allowing faster loading time. As a result, every one of the sites I have added have gone up over the last month on Google. They also offer two versions of CloudFlare – a paid and free version. Add to all of these features the low cost per month, only $20, along with a free content distribution network and this is why Media Temple gets my vote for the best web hosting service.

Check Media Temple out for yourself right here, and if you decide to go and change to Media Temple I negotiated a discount of up to $25.00 on your first month bill.


One thought on “Media Temple Out Performs Dreamhost and GoDaddy

  1. Thank you for your positive review! We appreciate the list of different reasons as to why you recommend us! If you ever have any questions or need any assistance with any issue you may have, please let us know. We are here to help!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kat D.
    (mt) Media Temple
    Social Media Team

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