ENQINET Sponsors Episode of The Frank Video Show

DENVER, COLORADO – ENQINET, News provider of real news happening in the world today, has agreed to sponsor one episode of The Frank Video Show hosted by Frank James Bailey. The Frank Video Show is a comedy show aired weekly. The show aims at making fun of various web video’s. Not quite Tosh.0, but Frank J. Bailey has been known to put on a few good show’s in his time.

The show aired this morning at 8:30am Eastern kicking off Season 1 – Episode 15 “Look At This Car, Bad Car Singing, Elephant Car Wash” were Frank opens up the show with a brief mention of ENQINET. Approxiately 3:20 into the show Frank goes into a bit more detail regarding ENQINET’s global footprint and the value of becoming a news contributor.

Frank J. Bailey, said “This episode is about cars. People who sing in cars, an old lady crossing the street, an elephant car wash… you get the idea.”

VIDEO: The Frank Video Show – Season 1 / Episode 15


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